wMUsers Forums Merging with Software AG TECHCommunity!

I’m excited to announce that beginning in March, the wMUsers technical discussion forums will be merging into the Software AG TECHCommunity forums.

All the great wMUsers content that you’ve come to rely upon will be merged into a corresponding forum in the webMethods area. More details on where your favorite forum will be found will be provided in the coming days.

If you have contributed to the wMUsers community by posting questions and example or by helping others by replying to their inquiries, your posts will appear under your name in TECHCommunity.

If you’d like to learn more about TECHCommunity and how the migration of users and forum content will be performed, you are welcome to attend a special webcast presented by Software AG’s Gerd Schneider and me on February 26th at 11:00AM EST.


Mark Carlson
President, wMUsers.com

Great and good idea for all posts in one place/repo :slight_smile:

No Bye…We are not going any where :slight_smile: still be unite just another sticky URL location:

Thanks, Rob! Looking forward to seeing many of the same folks in the thriving TECHCommunity forums.

Looking forward for the webcast:)

Friendly Reminder!.

Folks this is happenning today:

The recorded version of today’s webinar can be found here.

In the meantime, you can jump right in at the new home here.

The PDF version of the slides we used today can be found here.


Thanks Mark:

I think this will be the start of the end of the forums. I find the quality of discussion, of the question and of the replies, and the level in general, of wmUsers forums much higher than those on webMethods site.

I wish I was wrong.

Sure…it does and I bet you will be seeing the same action/replies on the SAG site in future :slight_smile:

Have a listen to my opening comments in the webinar we recorded last week. I talk about what makes a great online community and how that can continue in our new home.

It is the people of wMUsers who make it a great community, not the site that hosts the it. I am absolutely confident that Software AG’s TECHCommunity team wants the helpful, responsive experts here to continue to participate in the same and even greater ways in the new home.

It is always tough to see a familiar place go through a big change, but I would suggest that the community itself can and will continue to thrive.

Here’s what I think will help:

  • Stop right now and create a shortcut on your browser’s toolbar, desktop or wherever you keep such things to the home of the webMethods forums on TECHCommunity. Point your shortcut here.
  • Login and update your profile on SoftwareAG if you haven’t already done so.
  • Go find one or more posts and reply with your usual expertise
  • Offer to help moderate a forum topic or two even if you can only do so occasionally.
  • Post any questions you have about the migration process or the new home in the Migration Forum



sure, Mark.

We are continuing to make progress merging the wMUsers technical discussion forums and content with the webMethods forums on the Tech Community. All shareware previously located at http://www.wmusers.com/software/browse.shtml has been moved to the Tech Community code samples section. Search more than 200 code samples or add more of your own.

Still curious about how you benefit from the merger of wMUsers and the Tech Community? Check out the February 26th webcast & presentation on “wMUsers Forums Move to Tech Community” by Mark Carlson and Gerd Schneider that is now available for your viewing at http://tech.forums.softwareag.com/techjforum/posts/list/31350.page.

The transition is nearly complete. The wMUsers forums will be made read-only as of April 4th and all forums will be completely merged into the Tech Community by April 6th. New registrations to wMUsers are no longer accepted as of March 19th.

We welcome your feedback and comments – please share your thoughts on the wMUsers migration at http://tech.forums.softwareag.com/techjforum/forums/show/247.page.

It sounds a good progress…Thanks Mark for keeping all update:

Forum migration to Software AG TECHCommunity is underway. All wMUsers forums are now read-only.

The migration should be completed by March 7, 2013 or sooner if all goes well.



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