Forum maintenance

During the next few days we will be upgrading the Developer Community discussion forums. This should have no significant consequences for you as users and we will strive to keep the disruption to the service as short and painless as possible. Over the weekend Saturday the 23rd. and Sunday the 24th. June the discussion forums will not be available while we merge and transfer the databases to the new servers. We expect the new system to be up and running by Monday morning (Central European time).

We will then also check and update any reference to the forum systems within the Developer Community. If you find any links which do not seem to work or if you have any problems with the new forums system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the benefits of this upgrade?
Currently the Adabas, Natural, EntireX, Tamino and Crossvision products each have separate forum systems. While this had some advantages, a major disadvantage was that users had to register for each forum individually. We will now merge all the forum systems into one, so that your registration will now be valid for all the product forums. Please note the following actions you may have to take after the upgrade:

* If you have URLs bookmarked or stored which point to individual forum categories or individual forums we will re-route these automatically to the corresponding new system but if you have URLs which point to an individual thread topic then this will no longer work. (Note though that references to posts within the forum system itself will continue to work correctly as they will be updated as part of the merge process).

* As we are also merging the registered user base we have taken the decision to remove the use of the user or login name. You will now only be able to log into the forum system with the e-mail address you supplied when you registered. If you have problems remembering this please contact the administrators and we will be able to supply you with it. 

* Your passwords will be carried over from the old forum systems. If you were previously registered with more than one system then you will be able to use any of them to logon to the new consolidated system. Again if you have problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Community Forum Administrators