Changes in Tamino forums structure

Please note some changes that were applied in the forums structure of the Tamino developer community.

The following forums have been closed because of too little traffic or because the relevant product components or services are discontinued:

  • Internationalization, Encodings, Charsets
  • Tamino Demo Zone
  • Tamino X-Application
  • Tamino X-Application Assistance
  • Tamino X-Application Contributions
  • Content Repository API
  • Tamino for SunONE Studio
  • UDDI
  • Other Friends
The forum “Best API Programming Practice” had been closed.
Its content was moved to the remaining API forums.

The following forums have been closed and their topics were moved to the forums specified below:

  • Utilities (Mass Load, Tamino Manager)
    → Installation, Setup and Administration
  • Environment (OS, AppServer, WebServer)
    → Installation, Setup and Administration
  • W3C XQuery
    → Native XML Store & XQuery
  • XSLT
    → Transformation, XSLT
The forums Tamino Mobile DB, Tamino Mobile Suite and Tamino Mobile Application have been merged into the new forum Tamino Mobile.

The forum Tamino WEBDAV Server has been closed since the code is available via the public open source community of the Jakarta-Slide project
For discussions and questions on content management and WebDAV topics, users may subscribe to the ‘Slide User’ list. For notification about new related posts, developers may subscribe to the ‘Slide Developer’ list.
Both links are found at:


Tamino Developers Community

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