Competent Forum Update

Hi there,

i think it’s a very competent work when you join all Forums to one Forum but forget to update the Profiles of the Members with the old Postcount. :frowning:

Next try would get better.


This shouldn’t have happened, we’ll look into fixing it.

I guess my current postcount of 87 is from the adabas-forum. On the natural-Forums I got over 300 or so. However…
Much more “uncomfortable” is, that I can’t find the posts of a specific user. For example: If I watch the profile of “Wolfgang Winter” an click on “Find all posts by Wolfgang Winter” I get the message “No topics or posts met your search criteria” …


We will be updating everyone’s profile tomorrow and I hope this fixes everything.

Profiles have been updated and the number of posts should now be correct.

Good work! Thank you! :slight_smile:

What’s competent with this? I think it is annoying to scroll thru forums out of interest. I’m interested in Natural, nothing else. So divide the forums back into subforums ADABAS, NATURAL, TAMINO and so on.

Incompetent work!

Wilfried :evil:

We are working on a solution to the problem about scrolling through the forums and hope to have it available by next week.

BTW In the previous situation we did not have sub-forums, they were totally independent forums. Hence the separate logons.

We now have a solution to the scrolling “problem”.

You can now specify a list of categories on the index command and only these categories will be displayed. For example: [url],7,8,9,12[/url] will display all the Adabas categories.

Also the default on the index command with no parameters has been changed to display all the forums in contracted mode.

The LHS forum navigation on the Adabas and Natural Community pages have been updated to take advantage of this functionality.

Good hint! It works fine!

So for my Natural/Adabas-World I will use,18,24,20,21,11,7,8,9,12,29 in future :slight_smile: