Missing link?

I still have the bookmark to the “Discussion Forums Overview” page, but I see no link to it from the re-designed site. If it’s there, where? If not, will it be reinstated?

Here’s the URL: [url]http://developer.softwareag.com/ets/discussions/discussionoverview.htm[/url]

Hi Ralph,

I wasn’t going to offer this page on the new web, but if you really want it I could start thinking about where to place it.

What do you use it for?

It’s unimportant, but sometimes I like to see who else is logged on at the moment.

Typically I use the “View posts since last visit” feature from the index page. On occasion, I’ll see a list of postings, but after respoinding to one, I return to find the list empty. With the “latest topics” section of the missing overview page, at least I was able to see the new posts.

If I’m the only one complaining :wink: , then drop the link.

Hi Ralph,

I’ve put your link back again :slight_smile:

If you look at the LHS navigation the link behind “Forums” now gives you an overview of all the Adabas and Natural forums and behind “Adabas” and “Natural” there is a link to an overview of the corresponding forum. This second link is the equivalent of the one we had before.