Big button "Manuals"

Very often in this forum questions for “manuals” appear. On the other hand, people ask questions, that could be answered quickly by having a look into the manuals. :?

Perhaps some people do/can not read this forum page, or they do not associate “Documentation” with “Manuals”. :wink:

My question now: Would it be possible to add a big button “Manuals” on the top right corner of the page, that leads to the Natural Documentation (on the adabas forum it would lead to the adabas documentation)? :idea:

Second the motion/suggestion.

Syntax questions that are not answered by the documentation could then be identified and serve as a source for clarifying the documentation.


Thanks for removing the “documentation” link from the page. The idea was, not to remove the link, but to add a button “manual”. :?

BTW. The design of the page is pants (grottenschlecht). You now occupy one third of the available space for design elements without information (or do the number chains mean anything and should be clickable?), whereas the contents is squeezed into a small band. On the other hand, the colors do not fit together (red/oran-ge design elements, green natural logo and bleu forum colors). My eyes are aching! :roll:

  1. The link to “Documentation” went missing in action when we did the re-design :oops: We’ll put it back.

  2. I’ve also changed “Adabas” and “Natural” in the title to be a more neutral colour

  3. Posts should now also flow over the the right more

  4. We’ll also look into changing the colour scheme for the rest of the forum to match the side bars (and so you can put away your sunglasses ) :slight_smile:

I’m going to have to agree that too much screen real estate is taken up by the navigation and design elements on the left. I know it’s this way to match the rest of the site, but here there’s actually, well, useful content, so the space taken up by these elements really hurts.

You also might want to look into matching the color scheme here in the phpBB generated content to the rest of the site.

Here’s a hint for changing the colours (from the source text of the html page)


Wilfried (with still aching eyes, even sunglasses don’t help! 8) )

Hi everyone,

I have created a new theme which you can activate by modifying your profile and changing your Board Style to “desert”. I hope you enjoy it, comments welcome.


Hi again,

We have now also allowed the forum screens to expand to the right, so there is much more space available for display.

Hope you like it,

Hi everyone,

There is now a link “Documentation” on the left hand side navigation of the forum systems. And yes I know that we could (should) make this go to the corresponding documentation section rather than to the overview - we are working on it.