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I have been assigned to work on Natural mainframe project, can some one suggest the books to refer. I am mainframe programmer from past 10 years.

If you are looking for the Natural reference manuals these are available thru Softrware AG’s Empower portal ( will redirect ), your site admin will either have to provide the credentials for the portal or download and provide the manuals to you.

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Thank you wolfgang, can I get from some where else because I want to learn before I get into the project(may actually take 3 to 4 weeks to get the project started).

Even though I logon into this forum, still getting access denied error.

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It may look kind of outdated today, but for a newbie I would not hesitate to recommend the “old good” NATURAL STUDY GUIDE by WH&oO International (to my surprise it is still available at AMAZON:)

Of course, it is much more logical and NATURAL to follow that Web site mentioned by Wolfgang

Thank you, that was expensive. I guess I have to wait till I got access to the system.

You mentioned Dennis’s text is expensive. You should not have to purchase the text, you should DEMAND, not ask, your employer for access to Natural and Adabas documentation, and, ideally, education.

If your employer also thinks it would be expensive to provide the proper materials and learning period for Natural and Adabas, they should think how expensive it will be for the “clients” of the project.

Natural is not just a programming language, it is a platform development system. There is a LOT to know about Natural in order to produce efficient and maintainable code that utilizes the true capabilities of the platform.

One of the saddest things to see in the Natural community is how much NATBOL (Natural written by Cobol programmers who basically know nothing about Natural) is still being written today. Such code leads shops to abandon Natural and Adabas (yes, there are other reasons as well, mainly financial). A terrible waste.

Is there a Natural Internals Manual?

There is no official internals manual. a sort-of-internals-manual was handed out
as part of the course material during Natural internals classes in the past, but
these are not regular, scheduled classes, not sure if they are still offered at all on request.

How can I select Documentation, if that check-box is disabled?

I would have expected the shaded box to mean that it was enabled by default. If that is not the case, contact the Forum administrator for advice.

Me too, but it is disabled by default. When I tried to access documentation I recevied 403 Access forbidden. Below on that page is a link “Request Access to Documentation”, so I requested… And got it. Thank you Tech Community Team!

All this bureaucracy just to access the docs that is a waste. I’m sure that there is a smart reason not to open it, but it would be smarter to follow IBM’s strategy, giving out redbooks and opening the docs to everybody, for instance.

(sorry for the self taught poor english)

There is a legal reason for controls, and I think it has to do with multi-national export control laws pertaining to certain content. Ideally, there would be a version of documentation that is clean of all such content that could be made completely publicly available, but maybe that’s much easier to say than to do.

On a case by case basis for each user, I think documentation can be opened up for registered TechCommunity members. If you are having such issues accessing documentation through this forum, I recommend you contact the admins and see if they can do so. In most cases, I believe this is possible.

For several reasons access to Documentation requires approval. Good news is it’s really easy to get it. There are two ways:

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