What happened to the "View posts since last visit"

Navigation is too cumbersome without this link.

Coincidentally, other minor problems appeared today. For example, clicking on “new topic” took me to the logon page although I already was logged on.

OK …

Now that I’ve posted my complaint, the link is back.

Hello Ralph,

Thanks very much for the feedback.

The View Post Since Last Visit link should be visible with you after logging in to the forums

Hi, Desislava.

During login, I checked the Remember me box. Neither View posts since last visit nor View your posts appeared on the Community Discussion Forums page.

I’ll be leaving that checkbox unchecked.

As I stated in an earlier post, I wish that you would bring back the “recent posts” page that displayed a list of posts from the previous week or ten days, or so. The “latest topics” pages simply list all the forums and their latest post dates. This list is too long to scan through manually.

When “View posts since last visit” displays several posts and I reply to the first one, upon return the remaining posts are gone, as though I viewed them. We need the “recent posts” page to redisplay them (i.e. find them easily).

Hello Ralph,

Thanks very much for the provided detailed information. We have forwarded your report on the Remember me functionality to our developent team to address.

Regarding the odd behaviour of the View posts since last visit functionality - in order to research the problem further could you please provde some additional details on:

  • what browser are you using
  • are you accessing the forums via a bookmark to a certian forum or you go directly to the forums URL.

Thanks very much for your time and assistance and please excuse us for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,

Most often, I use Firefox 3.0, but when I experience this problemm it’s IE 7.0.

My bookmark points to http://natural.forums.softwareag.com/

I’m facing the same problem as Ralph when using my bookmark:


It took some days until I figured out how to get the page back to work (Firefox).

First I had to switch JavaScript ON - which on purpose NoScript normally turnes off.
After switching on, my page automatically reloaded and then I could find the login at the top right of the page … after scrolling because it has been out of sight, and finding out that his normal looking link is the necessary LOGIN.
Then after Login I could see the missing link to “View posts since last visit”…

Hello Ralph and Weihnachtsb

I have had a similar problem, and I do not think it is browser based. My assumption is that there is a timestamp on my profile that is updated when I do some action (like reply to a post like I am doing now). This same timestamp is used to determine if any new posts have arrived since my last visit.

Therefore, when I came in I had some number of posts available when I clicked on view posts since my last visit, but once I do something I cannot go back to that list except to click the back button. What would be really great is some change in functionality that would allow me to keep the same list of posts during a session (not update THAT timestamp until later).


Currently the timestamp is overwritten only if you use some of the left hand side navigation links for accessing the forums - this a known issue that is scheduled for fixing already. If you reply to a post directly, however, the timestamp is not overwritten or at least we are not able to reproduce this problem. It will be great if we can arrange for a Netviewer session to check the exact steps you follow that result into the reported View Post Since Last Visit problem - please let know a convenient to you time (between 8.30 AM - 2.00 PM CET) and day so that we can research the problem.

Thanks very much for your time and assistance in resolving this.

Best regards,

I still see the problem also periodically - sometimes the list will re-appear after a posting, sometimes not: I haven’t see a pattern yet, although it seems to not re-appear more often than it does.

I don’t use the navigation links, just the back button: post (usually Quick Reply), back button (brings me to message) and back again to the list.


Thank you for all the provided details.

We have introduced a fix with our latest release that might have also affected the reported issue. Could you please check and let know if it still persists with you.

Thanks very much for your assistance on this.

Best regards,
Desislava Petrova

this is a test response to see if we return to the correct page

Upon posting a response, there are only two navigation options, “view message” and “return to forum.” Neither allows for a redisplay of the list from “view posts since last visit.”

I took Douglas Kelley’s suggestion and clicked on the browser’s “back” button to get to the list.

Despite this issue, I have noticed that navigation has improved.