Finding new messages since my last visit link doesn't work anymore

I noticed a short while ago that when I log in and click the link that use to list the threads with new postings since my last visit, it finds zero results even though new posts exist.

Pls check as to why this is happening.


While I can’t help with the actual problem -
I assume you already found the “Recent Topics” as a workaround ?

Cheers - Wolfgang

Hi Wolfgang,

You are a smart man. I have to admit I hadn’t thought of using that, but it does quite nicely as a workaround.


You are welcome :wink:

“Recent Topics” actually has an advantage over “New postings”, with the latter it’s
easier to miss topics, depending on when the system thinks they are no longer “new”
enough while you get carried away without having had a chance to read them all.

Today the ‘messages since last’ link claimed 50 results returned; 15 on the first page but nothing on any of the other 3 ‘pages’. Recent Posts link is all well and good but can we get this fixed feature too please.

From my point of view “Recent Topics” shows things, I’m not interested in… (e.g. MWS, CentraCite) :frowning: