no digests, "posts since last logon" not refreshab

  1. my daily digests stopped. I re-updated my profile selections and verified that it is set to daily. Still no digests.
  2. when logging on, I usually use “view all posts since last visit”, then visit various topics and use the browser back button to return to the list. However, now when going back, the list is refreshed as if I had just logged on again - the list is only since I last clicked on “view all since last visit”. And the search function does not provide any corresponding way to see all posts since or all posts not visited by me.
  1. digests have resumed.
  2. this problem still persists. It appears to happen after I’ve entered a reply to a post - the search results list then only contains the post I’ve just done.

We have fixed the problem with digests & now digests are sent.

However it may happen that user receives digest twice.We are still working on this issue.

Hello everybody,

Problem of “Receiving 2 copies of daily digest” is fixed. Now digests are received only once.

Please check & give us your feedback.


Hello Mr. Douglas Kelly,

We have fixed issue with “View posts since last visit.” link. Now it is working properly.

Please give us your feedback regarding this issue.


I’m still having the same problem - as soon as I post a message, that becomes the only topic in the “posts since last visit”.