Observations on the new forum system


what I am missing on the new Community layout is the overview of forums from which I used to open just those having new posts and I was able to work through them by number of updates in each forum.

This was helpful sorting out things or splitting them over days esp. after returning from an holiday.

Another thing I noticed is, that when you are logged in to Empower you will not automatically be logged in the community forums.

We had discussed this for the old system (and it was solved there) shortly before switching to new system.



Hi Holger,

Thank you for the feedback. On the old forum do you mean that you were looking at the list of subforums and the last post dates to get an overview of activity? It was handy, but still didn’t show the nubmer of new topics since last visit (just the last one).

Unfortunately this is not possible now, since we are using tags and not categories. I’ll see if we could write a plugin for that.

Doesn’t the Unread https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/unread functionality work okay for that - it should show you the topics that you have posted in, watch or track, read for more than 2 minutes and you haven’t opened since the last activity.
You could also filter by tag and then see the unread only for this category e.g. for Integration-and-ESB:

Something else you could look at is the New filter - https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/new - it will show all new topics for a certain time that you can set in your preferences here https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/my/preferences/notifications
To filter you can add a ?tags= parameter e.g. https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/new?tags=webMethods

And for the most fine tuning you can use the advanced search option

The thing missing in all of these is still the sorting by tag - it can be by latest actvity, create date, likes, etc (but not tag since there will be overlaps).

Yes, but if you click on the Log in button in the top you should be automatically logged in without having to enter credentials don’t you? Please let me know if that doesn’t work for you.
To force the login you could bookmark and use this link https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/login . We have also extended the session timeout, so you shouldn’t get logged out too often.

Unfortunately the automatic login was often causing erros for users that had to be solved by cleaning up the browser cache.

Hi Toni,

thanks for looking at this.

I was checking for the Icon in front of the row, when it was filled this meant that there are new messages in this forum.
After opening it in a new tab by right clicking on it I could see the new messages on top and could estimate how much time it might consume to go through them.

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Hi Toni,

thanks to this one, too.

Yes, clicking the button works fine.

Still trying to get used to the new layout.

Yesterday, after returning from my vacations I started to check the new entries and forgot to login at the beginning.
So on every topic I wanted to reply to I had to login again or refresh it at least which can be cumbersome depending on the number of open tabs.

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Thanks Holger,

I see what was your workflow now.
I’m afraid this won’t be possible with the new one, even if we develop a new plugin (we’ll do some R&D though).

The new new structure is more loose and you can probably bookmark the main wM tags and then open each one - e.g.

A more radical approach (but also one that might save you a lot of time) would be to mute some tags. Say you’re not interested in Tamino and Adabas & Natural at all. You can mute them from your profile tag preferences - https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/my/preferences/tags
And topics for them won’t show in your Latest feed. This way you can very much refine what you’ll see and then be able to use only that view. The topics you have read are greyed out. Not sure if that helps, but might be quite convenient.