Communities Ease of Use

Dear Community Member,

We have planned a number of features and additions to improve the usability of the community website, wiki and forums.

Find below some of the additions planned - please rate them using the poll:

  • Integrated search to combine all community resources (website content, wiki articles and forums)
  • Integrated “Ask the expert

Hello Desislava!

Stupid question: What does “Ask the expert” mean?


I would like to see a link for “unread discussion posts”. The “since last logon” function is ok, but if I log in and don’t read a topic with new posts, I lose it the next time I log in.

It would be nice to see a list of all threads with unread posts across all forums.

Hello Mathias and Brian,

Thank you very much for the provided feedback

@Mathias - Ask the Expert option is still in planning phase - we are thinking of identifying the community members that are experts in certain area (both Software AG employees and customers) and provide them the option to volunteer in answering questions (this could be added to user profile and be available on the site as well). Please let know if you consider such a feature valuable, if you think it could be covered by the email link available from profile, etc - any feedback, comments and suggestions you may have are really appreciated

@ Brian - thanks a lot for pointing this out, we’ll evaluate feasibility and consider adding this option to the discussion forums. Otherwise, indeed, the view new content since last visit is available on the forums but we still don’t have such a feature on the website and wiki. We are also thinking of adding in the future the option for bookmarking “favorite” content on forums, website and wiki.

Best regards,

“ask the expert” seems redundant - submitting to the forum is likely to get a response from an expert anyways.