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Good idea. Besides, I wanted to do the very first post :wink:


Well, at least I am the first poster from Oz, Asia Pacific and the Southern Hemisphere !!!

This is nice. Good forum for taminoes.

This is a good idea from SoftwareAG.I hope Tamino developers will generously share ideas,tips and tricks.My request–please do the same for the other products(Bolero,EntireX etc)


Nicely constructed site, but I know I’ll forget to visit it when I’m busy: an option to get email digests would be nice.

Mike Kay
Software AG

there are several very usefull new features related to e-mail that will be available in the next release of the forums software (scheduled for the near future, 2-3 weeks it seems…).

check Infopop’s own support forums if you want more info.

Congratulations! Very fast site and good design! Come “Taminotienses” (Like Gulliberg ; P ) to enjoy this beautiful place! : ))

"To be or not to be on the Net, That

I’m interested in further nice surprises in future by your site. Well, Michael Kay, and this so early, was the first one.

You do a good job, thank you.

Clemens Rohrer


You will be pleased to know that the idea of creating communities similar to this one for other Software AG products is being considered.


Really necesary.
Nice site, great idea but…
too quiet by now. If you don’t have live discussions threads you wont have a real forum. Maybe SoftwareAG people should warm this up a bit.

I agree that it isn’t as easy to browse through a website as to read e-mails (off-line access and so on), so I forget about it when I’m busy.

It is now two months since the “e-mail digest available soon” posting.
Is there any news about that feature?


This site is a very good idea and has already helped me ona number of occasions. Its good to share the knowledge around the world.

Daniel :smiley: