Great new look, but major problem remains

Hi SAG team,
all these changes are great and highly appreciated! However, they don’t tackle the most important of all drawbacks of this forum: The delay in answers and the lack of answers from the SAG experts. As a result, many questions remain unanswered and still will in the future.
Hence, a really important change would be to have SAG experts monitor the forum at least once per week and answer questions which are still open after 1 or 2 weeks.

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Thanks for the feedback, Marcus!
We’ll make sure to tackle this.

Guess you are attending the online IUG sessions - you could post that as feedback there, too.



Hi Toni,
thanks for your quick reply! I’ll join the IUG tomorrow.

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I agree, the new look is terrific!
As for engaging Software AG Experts - While most of the time, it’s true they are the source of truth and beacon of light to help address problem issues, I think the bigger problem we need to solve, and this is up to every forum member, is ensuring everyone is engaging and responding in the forums.

Perhaps encouraging team members, relaying links to problems or even commenting more freely would enable further discussion, advice and prompt problem resolution.

I give the alternative - a site like stackOverflow, which is abundantly contributed to, searched and updated - which helps a lot of developers and problem solvers rectify their problems worldwide promptly. Most of this is driven by user contribution (we are VERY fortunate to have vendor support like we do, but we cannot solely rely on this).

Anyway, again kudos for the new look, much more accessible and get the word out.

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Hi Trentan,
I’m not sure if StackOverflow would help us since most topics discussed in this forum are very vendor-specific (proprietary) and all topics, which are not, are discussed at StackOverflow anyway - at least as far as I’m concerned, because I know I get an answer there much quicker.
For example, I’ve once asked a SAG-specific question at StackExchange which is still unanswered there, but was eventually answered a several weeks later here in this forum (after I’d asked it here, too).

IMHO, most of the SAG community is using this forum, but the community doesn’t appear to be very large, therefore it requires substantial support from SAG’s experts.

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Sorry I think you misunderstood, I didn’t advise StackOverflow, I just provided it as an example of collaboration and user input, something which would be great to see these forums achieve.

Let’s all grow the community and get the word out, best we can do.


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Great dream! Unfortunately, the circumstances are quite different: It only works for StackOverflow, because that community is huge and even there it works smoothly only for Open Source-related topics.