Loading of topic list is sloooooow

Why does it take 15-20 sec’s every time to show the topic overview on this forum? Do others experience tthe same problem?
Loading a topic goes a bit faster.


Do you mean by overview the “Forum Overview” on the Discussion drop down list? Loading this here takes a couple of seconds longer than loading the Forum Index but both are less than 5 seconds, and before anyone says that I’m sitting next to the hardware, I’m not; I’m just as far away as the rest of you.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has noticed slow performance.

It’s the topic list, when I click the “Natural Forum Index” list, or when pressing backspace after having read a post. I just messured it to 14 seconds. Anyway, 5 sec’s is also far too much.

I will have to test this from outside company (IBM) network - but other web sites have a far better response time anyway.

As a comparison I just did a check on my free time forums, Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Photoshop Elements forums:

On these forums the topic lists show up in less than 1 second, and a full topic with 85 posts took is read in 4-5 seconds, all from the same machine and network as used for the Natural forum.

At work it is very slow, because there are some features beetween my Workstation and the Internet :wink: . At home it is ok (ISDN).

It’s sub-second for me, and I’m even further away :wink:

I tried this from home last night and had no problems (DSL connection)

It’s funny. At work on IBM’s LAN the acces to this forum is slow, while other connections are fast. Yesterday I was in Copenhagen, so I worked with a GPRS connection from the train, and this forum was still not fast, but less slow. Today I work at home, via wireless network + 1 mbit ADSL, ant this forum is relatively fast today.

As it is today (right now), it’s completely okay :slight_smile:
Have you changed anything?

As far as I know nothing has changed

I never notice anything wrong with loading. Everything is fine and theirs nothing to worry about it. We’ll just let you know if we experience it.

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Hello jeomancer20,

Thanks very much for your feedback - indeed, the slow loading has not been reported from forum members recently.

Please also note that this is a moderated forum and any kind of advertising or spamming is forbidden - for further details we can recommend you refer to the Forum guidelines

We will be glad to encourage you to participate and discuss Software AG related topics or contribute with feedback. Right now we are waiting for your follow up on the other two issues you have reported but have removed the footer from your posts.

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