NaturalOne download

I do not know what is happening but I started the download of the NaturealOne Community Edition after filling the required form.
My download started and would take 273 hours to complete. The download speed was estimated on 7 bytes per second.

I cannot believe this is the way long time customers of SAG (over 25 years now) should be treated.

Please help.

Hi Brul,

the download should take less than 30 minutes with a 6MBit DSL connection.

Please provide us with further information so we can check with our provider.

What is your connection speed?
Could this be related to a network problem?

Please contact me directly in case we need to find a workaround to get you the communtiy edition as quickly as possible.



I am going to try it again and now not from my workstation at work. There are too many checks there. I will let you know if the download will be faster.