Performance of webDAV

I’ve setup a webdavfolder containing 400 documents.
If I use the default windows explorer and open the Taminowebdav folder with these documents I experience the following:
- time to open and display the folder is between 10 and 30 seconds. First time is always much slower.
- The tomcat service is creating 100% CPU during this time.

If I use the same URL (as used in directory browsing) and paste it in Internet Explorer. Then execute this query I experience the following:
- time to open and display is around 1 second
- Tomcat is still on 100% CPU, but only for a very short time.

- Can anyone explain this behaviour?
- Or even better, is there a solution to make the first option as performant as the second.




if you use IE to step to your folder, one http GET is done on the folder object, which returns a document with 400 filenames. If you open that folder as Webfolder, PROPPFIND is done to the folder, which results in reading the metadata of each file in that folder.
The first call is slower, as caches are being filled.


This means that finding and opening a file using webdav in a program using the windows explorer interface (like in XMLSpy, XMetal etc.) is intrinsically slow. It will become unworkable if you would have, ltes say, 10000 files in your webdav/collection/doctype folder.

b.t.w. Martin, thanks for your response

We did some additional testing.
We set up a normal webdav folder in Tomcat (not the Tamino coupled tomcat, but separate from the database).
If you open that folder, with 200 file in it, as a network place in window explorer or XMLSpy it shows the files in almost an instant.
If you open a Tamonowebdav folder to a store with 200 files in it, it takes at least 7 seconds to show you the files.

This means probably that it is not the webDAV PROPFIND that is the bottleneck but that there is a large overhead from the Tamino side.

Do others have similar problems? Is there a workaround?