About security and system stablility

I know that Tamino WebDav can perform secuity(ie., set some restriction and permission for a specified user) through ACL. However, how can I set this?

Also, I am now using Windows version. My PC is …
CPU Intel 1GHz, 256M Ram, Windows 2000 Professional. However, I find that the system is not very stable, the file explorer may ‘hang’ occasionally when I using Tamino WebDav. Does anyone have similar situation?


you may enable security via the console command inodavconfig install security. Please refer to documentation, chapter “Security” for more info.

I had the problem of “hanging Explorer” as well, mainly on XP. In this situation the server got the request and sent back the response immediatedlly, however, the Explorer hangs. So it is definitely the explorer, and not WebDAV that hangs. Other clients (like XML-Spy for examle) did not have this behaviour. I assume this has to do with the local network (mapped network resources which are not available…).


My company hasn’t XML Spy, any other clients you can suggest? Main point is free.
Using file explorer to access WebDav causing the explorer hanged many times today :frowning:
How can I make it applicable to the real world??