Tamino WebDAV Security Problem

I have installed the Tamino WebDAV Server and a Trial Version of Tamino XML server (INS421-XML-Starter-kit.exe).

The Installation of der WebDAV server and of the XML server was no Problem.

Then I want to install security OS.
I use no Webserver in front oft the Tamion WebDAV server.
I can connect with the Username domain/username + password to the System Management Hub.

I have done the instructions but when I want to install the security like

inodavconfig install security -type os -administrator (a username with admin rights) -password (the correct password) -domain ( the domain-name) - databaseUri wsl:/tamino/urmDB - … correct user and password from the DB, which i have installed …

I get an Error:

[failed] com.softwareag.ssx.userdb.SSXAuthenticationFailsException: SSX OS Error (Net): Access is denied (32): com.softwareag.ssx.userdb.SSX
AuthenticationFailsException: SSX OS Error (Net): Access is denied (32)

I hope someone can help me. I don’t know the Problem

I think the DB is correct installed an the adminusername ist really a Windows Administrator.

Thank you


I cannot provide help on this issue, but I want to warn you that the WebDAV server that you use has been replaced in Tamino 4.4 by the deep integration of WebDAV into the Tamino server (which also implies
integration of security).
Thus, I’d like to suggest that you try the latest version of Tamino (which is 4.4). Please ask Software AG for a test license



Thank you, for your answer.

I just have post the request for a tamino 4.4 test licence.

But I think it also should also be succesful with the older webdav-version.
If anyone has a answer to my Problem, please post me.