Installing WebDAV Security

Hi everyone

I have a question on WebDAV Security (v3.1.4). I failed to install it.

As it’s described in documentation I executed “inodavconfig install security”. And this command added a realm to server.xml

<Realm className=“com.softwareag.ssx.userdb.authmod.realms.tomcat4.SSXJaasRealm4”
allCacheSize=100 allUsersValidTime=10000 authType=“os” principalCacheSize=“100”
principalValidTime=“10000” authDenyTime=“120” authDenyCount=“3” />

The problem occured when I restarted WebDAV Server. Tomcat couldn’t find class com.softwareag.ssx.userdb.authmod.realms.tomcat4.SSXJaasRealm4. I didn’t manage to do it either.

Did anyone try to install security for WebDAV?

Hello Alexander,

the current version does not support security, although most scripts are available. This should be stated in the docu.
The next version of Tamino WebDAV Server will support security. This version is planned for end of this year (with Tamino 4111).