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If I want to integrate our system with Tamino Webdav Server, what should I do?
What programming should involved?

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could you please be more specific?

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I mean … If we want to develop a CMS which involves Tamino WebDav. Is there any example (coding) for us to see how to implement it? Calling Slide’s API?

Also, I see that the requirement of operating system is Windows or Solaris, how about Linux RedHat with intel as CPU?

One way which works well is for your system to act as a WebDAV client - you can use the Slide WebDAV client libraries for this.

You should also be able to make the taminowebdavserver work on RedHat Linux (albeit unsupported i guess). Here are some instructions for getting there:

First, unzip the main install file and put it somewhere (I used /usr/local/tamino-webdav/).

Next, ensure everything is owned by the ‘sag’ user (including the tamino-webdav directory itself), and su to this user.

Run “source ~/sagenv.new”

Manually set XSVDIR to “/usr/local” and XSVVERS to “tamino-webdav” (adapt if you installed it elsewhere). This is probably wrong, but seems to work well enough - these variables should be being set by something else, but because we don’t have an actual unix install, they aren’t.

Go into /usr/local/tamino-webdav/bin, and then /usr/local/tamino-webdav/jakarta-tomcat/bin, and in each directory, convert all the .sh files to unix mode (use dos2unix if present, otherwise try using tr or similar tools), then give them execute permissions.


WebDAV is available on a Tamino CD for red hat linux on intel with a ready to use installation. This version is not available via download. In this case you could use Jasons steps.

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