Multiple Webservers


I have Apache, tomcat and Jserv all they are interlinked(configured) to run concurrently. What will happen if I install WebDav ? and I really want to test it out ??


if you have apache as an nt service then during installation Tamino webdav configures to the apache smoothly.



there are two ways getting it to run in your environment, an easy and a hard one.
First of all, the standard Tamino WebDAV Server (TWS) installation comes with its own Tomcat. You can only put one Tomcat to your Apache configuration. So either you run TWS with its own Tomcat without using Apache (which is ok if you want to test TWS) or integrate tws in your existing Tomcat (Version 3.3 is prerequisite).

TWS standalone:
- Use custom install
- disable apache configuration

TWS will run as Service, listening on port 4000 (i.e. http://localhost:4000/taminowebdavserver)

Integrate into existing Tomcat
after installation (again with disabled apache config) you find taminowedavserver.war in the install root directory. You can take this and integrate it into your existing tomcat. Please refer to the configuration files in the TWS installation as templates.