With Tomcat and Apache Web Server

Hi all,
I am very new for Tamino. I have trouble with configuration. I have no error to build some sample db through “Tamino Manager”. But I can’t display “Welcome to tamino” page through http://localhost/tamino-v4.1.4.1/welcome/index.html

After I read “Configuration of Web Servers” part in the provided document, I checked the http.conf file and I found the Apache2ModuleIno.dll file in right place.
I installed Apache web server and Tomcat as recent version. And I followed the installation guide provided by someone (I may attach the file). That was like follows:
LoadModule jk2_module modules/mod_jk2.so
JkSet config.file ?%APACHE_TOMCAT%/conf/workers2.properties?
and etc…
After I followed the installation guide, http://localhost/ and http://localhost:8080/ display the same page that is tomcat welcome page.
I don’t know what my problem is. So I just wrote what I did when I set it.

Tamino’s documentation also provides the following information:
>Let the desired port for access to Tamino’s XML Engine be 91 and the port for non-Tamino accesses >be 80. The following configuration steps have to performed:
>Run a second Apache web server where the line httpd.conf file is changed port 80 in the >httpd.conf file is changed to “port 91”. The Tamino specific configuration part is must be moved >from the old httpd.conf to the new one.

What does it mean? Is it related with my problem? If so, can anyone explain it in detail for me? Such as how can I run “a Second Apache Web Server”?

Your answer is appreciated.

I fixed it after I installed another apache service with different name and with diffent configuration file. Is that all I need to do changing “Listen 91” part in new httpd.conf file and adding tamino part to new httpd.conf? Or is there any remaining work?