http://localhost/tamino/ gives error

hello friends

after installing tamino and starting apache manually
i still get the error that page not found
but when i remove the tamino extension i.e
the apache web server is running
please do let me know what the problem is

thanking you

What error do you get accessing localhost/tamino?

One thing to check is the apache configuration file - for Tamino to be accessed there should be the following lines in httpd.conf, so maybe this is the first thing to check. The entries are:

LoadModule ino_module modules/ApacheModuleIno.dll

<Location /tamino>
SetHandler ino

thanks for the reply

the code was not there ina httpd.conf
i added it but still it is not running
when i give the following command
it still gives the error
not found
plz do help me
thanks a lot

After adding the lines in httpd.conf you need to restart Apache. Then retry accessing Tamino.

If this does not work what error do you get? Check apache logfiles and see if this provides clues.

after putting the code in httpd.conf tha apache server is not starting
it is giving couldnot connect the server to \kishore
is there any specific location where i should include the code
the log file does not give any details
it is empty
with 250 in 1 file

plz do let me know
thanks a lot

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If you start apache as a console app (Start / Programs / Apache Web Server / Start Apache) it will show what the problem is.

Just as a guess I suspect that it is trying to load ApacheModuleIno.dll from the modules subdirectory and it is not there. If this is so you can copy it from the X-Port subdirectory of the installed Tamino version directory. It is called ApacheModuleIno.v1.3.6.dll (providing Apache version is greater than 1.3.6) so you need to copy and rename it. Normally the installation of Tamino does this automatically so if this is missing then something strange went on during the install.

Hope this helps.

The thing has started working
thanks a lot for ur help all the way
well what i had done was i was using apache which i had installed from the website so i dont know what problem it was giving
i unistalled that apache server and installed it from tamino cd
strange it is working now
thanks once again