Tamino on Sun Solaris 8 using Apache 1.3.19


We have installed Tamino on a Sun Solaris 8 machine. On this machine we have also an Apache 1.3.19 installed. The HTTPD.CONF contains the folliwng entries, like indicated in the installation guide :

LoadModule ino_module /export/spare/sag/ino/v3114/lib/ApacheModuleIno.

<Location /tamino>
SetHandler ino
Regfile "/export/spare/sag/common/rgs/REGFILE"

We have followed the SUN installation procedures. When I try to connect via X-Plorer I always receive ‘Server not started’ exceptions.

When we take a look at the ERROR_LOG of Apache we see that he processes the Tamino request as a normal page request :

[Tue Jul 2 14:24:39 2002] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/local/apache/htdocs/tamino

Conclusion : It seems that the ApacheModuleIno.so isn’t processing the /tamino request to post it to the Tamino Server.

Any idea what can be causing this problem?

Have you restarted the apache webserver (/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl restart) ?

Yep, I’ve restarted this one many times. I expect that the ApacheModuleIno.so can be loaded because the errorlog doesn’t contain any error messages when starting. It there a way to check if the module is loaded?

No I don’t think so. If there is an error or some problem with loading ApacheModuleIno.so there will be an error in the /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log . The only other thing I can really think of that I’ve come across in the past is multiple apache webservers running and that the one in /usr/local/apache is actually listening on a port other than 80 and is/was working all the time. I suspect this is not the case in your situation but you may want to check.

My final comment is that this should work; Apache complains if it cannot load a module and if it does load the ApacheModuleIno it does work.

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I think some further information could be of use here:

Where did this Apache 1.3.19 come from? Was it off the Tamino CD, built by you from source or what?

Parhaps you could post the httpd.conf file for examination?

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Problem is solved. The cause of the problem was an incorrect uninstall of previous Apache version.

In the /etc/init.d there is a startup script for the Apache server which indicated that the HTTPD.CONF file was located in a certain location. Tamino has adapted this one. BUT, the Apache of the Tamino installation CD has a static reference to ‘conf/HTTPD.CONF’, and this was referencing to another location. So we were using an incorrect HTTP.CONF file.

PS : Interesting modules in Apach are mod_status and mod_info. With the last one you can verify if the Tamino Apache plugin is well working.