Tamino Module for Apache on Linux


Is there an ino load module that will work with “Apache/1.3.20 (Linux/SuSE) PHP/4.0.6” on “Linux 2.4.10-4GB” ??




Hi Dara,

I was under the impression that the Apache ino module plugin as distributed with the Tamino kit for SuSE should be OK with Apache v1.3.20 but have not tried it.

Maybe you have tried it and are getting an error? So what is the error message and what version of Tamino are you using?

Whatever, Tamino v3113 (and v3117?) is shipped with a prebuilt Apache v1.3.19 which includes DSO support. So you should be able to use this version of Apache with PHP v4.0.6 and Tamino. Would this be acceptable to you?

Kind regards,


Thanks Simon.

That will suit fine.

Many Thanks


We are also using a SuSE Linux distribution that has an Apache server compiled with option -DEAPI.
That causes problems with the ApacheModuleIno.so which is compiled without that option.
Would it be possible to recompile ApacheModuleIno.so with EAPI support and make it available for download?
Or is there another ‘trick’ to aviod the problem?

Hi Jesper, the only advice I can give you is to use the Apache that comes on the Tamino installation CD or build Apache yourself without EAPI.