apache and tamino.....

I install Tamino with Apache server running but the httpd.conf is not “updated” how it is expected.

what’s the problem??

Thanx in advance.

Hi Pedro,

Certainly I have had instances of installing Tamino with Apache, and Apache httpd.conf has not been amended cos Apache was not in the usual location. Did the installation correctly copy the Tamino Apache module or did this go wrong aswell?

Check the documentation, it does detail the mods required to configure Tamino access into Apache.


from my experience Tamino only worked with Apache. Apache has to be installed before the Tamino installation. Changes in the httpd.conf file after the Tamino installation did not help, so I had to uninstall and re-install Tamino.

First I had Oracle HTTP Server running on my box, unfortunately Tamino did not complain during the installation procedure. It just did not run at the end.
I had to figure that out by myself. No clear error messages from Tamino at all.