Tamino doesn't recognize Sun AppServer or Tomcat?

Newbie query. During different installation attempts I had first the J2EE Sun AppServer running and then Tomcat, neither of which was recognized by Tamino as web servers. I then just carried on with the installation and then did the Sun One reinstallation option (which it did accept). But now, when I click on the welcome link, nothing happens! Please tell me how I can tell Tamino where the web server is?


J2EE Sun AppServer and Tomcat are not supported as web servers by Tamino. It is not possible to use them to access Tamino via HTTP. Please note that it is possible for programs running under an appserver or Tomcat to access Tamino via a Tamino API.

Sun One web server is supported, but the Tamino installation does not yet perform the necessary customization of Sun One web server on all platforms. On Solaris for example you need to edit the web server configuration files (obj.conf and magnus.conf) “manually”. Please see Tamino documentation for details.