Howto install tamino webdavserver on apache only

Hello all,

i just want to use the tamino webdavserver to be able to share my file to people i know. I want to do this savely, so i would like to combine tamino webdavserver with my ssl based apache server.
i don’t want to use Mod_dav (webdav component for apache) since it has lots of compatibity problems with webfolders in xp/ie5.5/ie6 etc.
I noticed that tamino webdavserver standalone works perfect with xp/ie5.5/ie6 etc, therefore i want to use tamino.
I also noticed that tamino webdavserver should be able to integrate with apache.
The problem is that i don’t understand how to integrate tamino webdav server in my apacheserver with ssl support.
Can anyone tell me in detail what steps i should take to integrate tamino in apache 2.0 with ssl?

Note that i do not wish to use tomcat or any other components.


Let me start by telling you that I’ve no SSL experience myself.
Then, some things I know and those might give you an approach to solving your problem.

TaminoWebDAV Standalone IS a Tomcat, a Tomcat with just one installed webapp, TaminoWebDAVServer, of course.

So you should be able to use any HowTo on the topic “Running Tomcat behind a SSL Apache”.

There are always two possibilities to make Apache forward requests to Tomcat:
- by using a Proxy directive in httpd.conf to the Tomcat machine and port (this requires two ProxyPass entries in httpd.conf, but I am not sure it works with SSL)

- by using JK (the mod_jk module), which integrates the two more tightly.

I hope these hints help you along!

Best regards, Andreas