Using versioning in a java application

Hi all,

Can anybody say me where I can find source examples for using webDav verioning with Tamino ?
Does it better to use API slide or wvcm ?



Hello Karine,

i would suggest to use the WVCM API. It is more advanced in the area of versioning than the slide client API.

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Hello Juergen,

Do you have an example of how to use the WVCM API with Tamino WebDAV Server?

Besides, do you have a example of how to use the Slide API (except for the versioning part) with Tamino WebDAV server?

At last, I learnt that the next Tamino WebDAV version will be built on the Slide API. When is planned this new version?

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Hello Ludovic,

when you do download the WVCM sources, they come with a test suite, showing the usage of WVCM.

The next version Tamino WebDAV Server will be available via Jakarta-Slide, it was donated yesterday. A short description will follow soon.

Best regards