Versioning enabled ?


What is the current status of the versioning feature inside Tamino WEBDAV Server ?

Is there any deltaV implementation available now ???

Thanks for your help !


We are currently adding DeltaV, DASL and ACL support to Tamino WebDAV Server. This will be available with the next version of Tamino.

For DeltaV, we are concentrating on the Core-Versioning and Basic-Server-Workspace packages in the first step. This is also what the next version probably will contain. The Basic-Client-Workspace package could follow shortly after. The advanced features (baseline control, activities and version controlled collections) will probably take some more time.

Regards, Peter

Thanks for your answer !

What is the due date of the next version of Tamino ?


Hello Guy,

the next Tamino server version is planned for end Q4 in 2002.
If possible, we want to release a community version earlier, containing a comprehensive part of the Delta-V standard. Currently there is no official date yet for the first versioning aware Tamino WebDAV server release.

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