Automatically enabling collections


the enabling of Tamino-collections finaly works (sometimes ;)) on our system.

But how to define a “auto-enabling”-function? So, if there is a new document in the database I want to see it
immediately in my WebDAV-folder.

I think “inodavenable” is my fate but when I try this(inodavenable -store documents (documents is already existing)) at the console I


The WebDAV enabling utility is made to enable the collection for WebDAV for the first time. Afterwards you are able to add, move, …, documents using WebDAV and you should never need this utility any more. To prevent an access via http which destroy the consistence of the WebDAV information, you should set parameter “allow non-authenticated user” to “no”. You can find this parameter in the properties of your database in the System Management Hub. This works with Tamino 3.1.1 . An auto-enabling shouldn’t be needful.



Sorry for the typo in my last answer. “allow non-authenticated user” must be set to “yes”, of course.

By the way, a subsequent execution of the webDAV enabler does not hurt but it enables the documents for webDAV which were added additionally via http to this Tamino collection.


Hi Hardy,

thanks for reply.

This works with Tamino 3.1.1
I guess you mixed up the Versions of Tamino and WebDAV. 2.3.x is the latest Version I could find. I am working with Tamino and WebDAV

Unhappily I couldn


The latest version of Tamino is in fact 3.1.1 and has been available since late 2001.



Oh, Sorry! I found the release Note. :o

…what I did not find is an update or an download-link of this new version…
The XML-Starterkit contains only the version 2.3…

I fear this new Version is not available for testing without paying!? Is this correct?


I believe there will be a XML-Starterkit based on Tamino v3 soon I believe. I have no idea of timescales.

See: this topic

will be out any day now for tamino 3.1, both on windows AND on linux.
webdav will be available as before from the community.
pls check
best regards
rainer glaap
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You will find the version 311 of Tamino WebDAV Server already in the community:
This version 311 of tamino WebDAV Server is able to talk to both versions of Tamino 2314 and 3111.