Webdav unaware of existing documents

Hi all,

it seems as if a WEBDAV-Server, which get’s installed after having used a Tamino-database for some time (e.g. there are already lot’s of documents), is unaware of the existing documents. Although access to the database is enabled, insert/update/delete is possible, I can’t see any of the existing documents.
Checking via the interactive interface revealed no differences in the individual docs.

Any idea on how to make the server “aware” of the already exiting documents ?

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You should run the XRepair tool after adding a collection to your WebDAV configuration.

From within the Console:

XRepair -url -allStores -enableOnly

That will fix the metadata for the existing documents.

Hi I ran XRepair as described, and I found that no new contents were added from my database. I expected to see the Hospital Container show up as a Collection and on Leaf Collection to show up in that Collection. This is directly from the examples provided. But the command above ran successfully resulting in no new Collections.

The output is as follows:

C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino WebDav Server 2.3.1\bin>XRepair -url
"http://localhost/taminowebdavserver/" -allStores - enableOnly
Repairer starts with url = http://localhost/taminowebdavserver/, checkOnly = fal
Check and repair store mycoll
TAMWDAVREP: WebDAV enabling …
TAMWDAVREP: Start test for all files to be WebDAV enabled.
TAMWDAVREP: Collection is webdav enabled: mycoll
TAMWDAVREP: Unnecessary meta information …
TAMWDAVREP: Start test to find unnecessary meta data information.
TAMWDAVREP: No unnecessary meta data found.
TAMWDAVREP: Unique uri …
TAMWDAVREP: Start test to find meta data information which points to the same do
TAMWDAVREP: Number of content documents: 1
TAMWDAVREP: Number of all uri’s found: 2
TAMWDAVREP: All Uri’s are unique.
TAMWDAVREP: Directory consistency …
TAMWDAVREP: Start test to check the directory consistency.
TAMWDAVREP: Number of directories found: 1
TAMWDAVREP: Number of files found: 1
TAMWDAVREP: Test directory /mycoll
TAMWDAVREP: Directory structure is consistent.
TAMWDAVREP: Content length check …
TAMWDAVREP: Test the correct content length in meta data.
TAMWDAVREP: Number of content documents: 1
TAMWDAVREP: All content length are correct.
TAMWDAVREP: Repository is consistent!

Any help is appreciated.



you missed the first step, which is making a Tamino collection known to the WebDAV-Server.
This is done by editing the file mycoll.xml (to be found in /administration/etc on a running WebDAV-Server). Here you set database and collection name and store the new file under the name the WebDAV-collection should have in the folder /administration/configuration.

Example: I have a Tamino database ino23 and a collection xapp I want to WebDAVify :slight_smile: .

I get mycoll.xml and edit it, so it looks like this: (IE snapshot)

   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 


This file I then store as xapp.xml in administration/configuration on the WebDAV server and restart the WebDAV-server.

After the restart you should see a new folder xapp in the WebDAV-directory. The next step now is to enable the documents stored in this collection, which is done by the repair utility described in the earlier post.

More on the configuration options can be found in the Tamino WebDAV Server Manual.

Best regards, Andreas