XQuery update works not complete?

When I do a XQuery update in the Interactive Interface like:

update replace input()/systems/body/title
with (Newtitle)

the update appears to work fine. The content is changed when seen in e.g. X-plorer.
However when I open the document from webDAV the document is unchanged. I need to run a inodavrepair in the webDAV console in order to get it right.

My questions are:
- Why does WebDAV not have the actual data?
- Does webDAV have it’s own “copy” of the documents in the database?
- Is there a way around the repair?
When I want to do updates from my own client how can I get them to appear in WebDAV without doing a complete repair every time.

Regards, Kees


The problem is that the Tamino WebDav server is only loosely coupled with the Tamino server. One consequence is that the Tamino WebDav does not get any notification if documents are modified via Tamino requests. As the Tamino WebDav server does some kind of caching this means that you will not see the actual version of the modified documents via WebDav. The only way to avoid this problem is not to do any modification via Tamino requests (XQuery update, process, delete).

Best regards,


Thanks Thorsten for your prompt response.
This explains the behavior I experience.