create and modify resources via classic http

Added on behalf of Bjarne:

I’ve tested quite succesfully Tamino and Tamino WebDav Server 2.3.1, but I still have few questions in my mind. My operating system is W2k and I use Windows Explorer as WebDav client. As for me the Tamino WebDav concept seems extremely intresting! If you add/modify/delete xml-files from Explorer, everything seems to work fine. The problem is if I have for example a Web interface too for adding/deleting data, the WebDav side won’t (or can’t) follow up what is going in Tamino Server… All I can do is to check consistency with Tamino WebDav console XRepair-command - then everything is “in sync” again.

There are two ways, how content can be modified in Tamino 231x. One is the WebDAV way (http://?/taminowebdavserver/some path) and the other is the classic HTTP way (http://?/tamino/db/collection/schema/some path). If a document is stored or modified via WebDAV this is visible to both the classic http and the WebDAV access. If a document is stored or modified via classic http only, the changed are visible to WebDAV after a repair (or collection enable) only. Modification of webDAV enabled collection may cause the WebDAV server to become inconsistent (e.g. a resource is locked, but is changed via classic http access).

Tamino WebDAV Server 311x will block all modifying classic http access to avoid possible inconsistencies. Read access is still fully available.