I have installed WebDav server on my Win2k proff machine & I tried to follow the steps that are on the Demo zone,but I couldn`t manage to get everything right.This is what I did>>>>
1)I did enable my WebFolder & specified Webdavserver on localhost.
2)Restart the Server service,Modified mycoll.xml & save it under different name scheduler.xml,copied that to Configuration folder,restart the service,
3)I did see the folder,but it had an Exception Error insite saying(Access Voilation),(Element/Attribute not found).

How do I configure Tamino or Apache so that Webdavserver can have full access on Tamino?

Check if the database you’re trying to access is started.


could you pls send your scheduler.xml and the access violation?


Hello all,
I am experiencing the same error unfortunately. I have followed the steps in the animated tutorial pretty closely, but get what appears to be the same Service Initialisation error.
I am sure the database is up and running. I have tried using the inodavrepair tool to fix the error but it throws a fatal error Root directory “/exchangeDocuments” not found: Cannot repair it! Although that directory seems to exist at the URL http://localhost:4000/taminowebdavserver.
Also it appears that collections are being added to the database even though the server is failing.
I can send the documents and output on if required.


XSV 3.1.2
Tomcat 3.3 (also 4.0.3)
Win2K Professional