ServiceInitializationFailedException after network change

I have installed Tamino with its WebDAV server locally on a PC using localhost. Everything is working just fine until I disconnect the PC from the network.

After restarting my diconnected PC,suddenly my webdav url to my data collection is not accessable any longer(http://localhost/taminowebdavserver/mycollection)

The webdav administration, history and mycollection folder are still there but in the mycollection folder there is a file:


Service initialization failed : WebDAV Server is already defined. can not initialize

When I reconnect the PC to the network and restart, everything is ok again.
What can I do to avoid this conflict?
(I have to give a presentation that’s why I have to move my computer.)

Problem solved, Sorry for bothering.
I solved it using the directions from the thread “WebDAV Server is already defined” from Rosa in this forum with the:
true in the ‘mycollection.xml’ config file

Sorry again, it must be the stress of my presentation that I asked the question before thoroughly searching this forum. It, however, did cost me a more than a day of debugging and installing and reinstalling before I now finally solved it.