Initial problem was: Tamino Apache was consuming almost all the memory on the system (4GB) – we will look at that later…
Had to kill apache, we also had to kill the inosrv processes the hard way (kill -9).
Restarted tamino demons.
After that the databases could not be shutdown.
Emergency shutdown went through, but did not turn the traffic light from green to red.
Rebooted the machine.
Now the dbs coould be stopped and started.
Restarted then the webdav server.
Still the same result: the webdav root folder shows the "file"


When i do a wget on the tamino apache with path /tamino/ i get 502 Bad Gateway.

Any ideas appreciated (its an almost productive system!)


Hmm, i restarted webdav several times.
Now it works again.
Don’t know why…