WebDAV Server is already defined


I have Tamino WebDAV Server installed on Windows 2K Prof., with Tamino 4.1.1.

I’ve defined 2 stores, each one pointing to different databases. When I try to see the content, I got a ServiceInitializationFailedException.xml with the following message:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

Service com.softwareag.xtools.xdav.store.XDescriptorsStore@158bf9 initialization failed : WebDAV Server is already defined. can not initialize

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Rosa,

this message is created, when 2 WebDAV Server try to access the same Tamino collection, either parallel or after each other (in time).
The first WebDAV Server accessing a collection will mark this collection as his working collection and no further WebDAV Server may connect to this collection. A WebDAV server identifies itself via his tcp/ip address.
If this tcp/ip address would change following element in the store config file will help:


Please refer also to the documentation for more details (e.g. Documentation/webdav/config.htm#config).

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P.S. This config file change will also allow 2 different WebDAV server to connect parallel (in time) to a Tamino collection. This situation may result in inconsistencies!

Hello Juergen,

but, as I said before, I’ve defined 2 stores, one for each database, and of course, for different collections.

I changed (manually) host ip in doctypes xsv:webdavserverurls, both pointing to, port 4000, and now it is working, but I haven’t tried to define another store yet. I have demonstrations, it is not a good moment for testing.

Thanks anyway,


Hello Rosa,

good luck for your presentation.

When your time allows again, I would be interested, if you are able to define additional stores. Do you have the old (overwritten) tcp/ip address still?

Best regards


hi Rosa, hi Juergen,

i have a similar situation. i installed tamino webdavserver, when my laptop was plugged into the net with a fix ip address. i defined a webdavserver on localhost. everything works fine.then i started my laptop as standalone and tried to access the webdavserver. this it fails with the error reported by Rosa.
does this means, that the ip address is hardcoded somewhere and if yes, this does not looks good.
next question: where is the ip addres hardcoded and how to access?



Hello everybody,

I have observed almost the opposite, i.e., I installed Tamino Webdav Server out of the office (on Sunday, perhaps this has something to do with the problem), therefore without network, and everything was running.

On Monday, when I arrived at the office, I get connected, and later I realized it was not working. I thought it was a problem with passthru servlet because I installed it after, so I tried to fix them, later uninstalled passthrut, but the problem still happened. I uninstalled Tamino Webdav Server, installed it again, and the problem remains. And that was the reason I inspected the content of webdav configuration doctypes and changed tcp/ip addresses, later I deleted them and installed it newly.

But the problem still remains. In order to make it run, I have to start Tamino webdav service without network, even having as host in xsv:webdavserverurls.



Hello Rosa,

possibly you encounter following situation:

During the installation your Laptop was off-line and a new tcp/ip address was assigned to the PC. This tcp/ip address was stored in (xdav:metadata/xsv:webdavserverurls). Once you re-start your PC or bring it on-line, a new tcp/ip address is assigned and a re-start of TWS results in a ServiceInitException for each store.

Following line in the store configuration files will help in this situation:


Does this help?

best regards



I have tested with parameter force-connection = true as you suggested and now everything works fine, with or without network. Also I have defined a new store and it is running, even from other PCs (just reading, I know about this delicated situation).

Just to say that I have a fixed ip address and I did not change it after installation, but I suppose it takes different addresses when you are connected to the network and when you are not ( This fixed tcp/ip is the same host ip I have now in xsv:webdavbserverurls / host.

Thank you very much,