starting database

I have tried to start database using Tamino Manager, I got an error message when there is no internet connection available:

Failed to create XTS directory service entries: XTS1061E: TCP/IP Connection refused

The Tamino Manager home page is:

The Welcome to Tamino home page is

Could someone please help me?

Thanks a lot

Hi Butterfly,
when you installed XTS, which came on the Tamino CD, what machine did you specify as XTS server? Normally, people use the local machine (localhost) as the XTS server, so no Internet access is necessary when databases are started and stopped. If you specified another machine, you will need a TCP/IP connection since Tamino registers each database with the XTS server when the database is started. You can check the entry by looking in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (Windows) or /etc/hosts (Unix). Look for the entry SAGXTSDShost and make sure it points to your local machine, most liekly

Gerald Ristow
Tamino R&D

Hi Gerald,

thanks a lot for your help. I have fixed this problem. It works.


hi… what if not , it point to other address …what should i do??