error starting database

When I want to start the welcome database from the management hub, I get the following error:XTS0080E: XTS GetHostByName Failed. I use Windows XP, IIS, localhost and Tamino 4.1.4

Hi Johan

Check if the following entry is in the host file: SAGXTSDShost

Hello Jan,

first thanks for your reaction. I’m completely new to Tamino, so this may be a stupid question: where can I find the host file?

On Windows 2000 you can find it in the directory:

On UNIX it should be located in the /etc directory.

Thanks for your help, the database can be started now.

hi , i have had some problems while installing Tamino, however after that i start to define and start a database , but then i got this peoblem , Failed to create XTS directory service entries XTS1061E: TCP/IP Connect refused by the way am using IIS , localhost and i found this information in the hosts file SAGXTSDhost SAGXTSDSport so what u think i sould do, sorry for this Q, but am new …