i can't start any database

Hello people.
I’m with a seriou problem. I do can loggin into the SMH, but I can not start any database!
I receive the following message:

And then, I’ve tryed to restart the XTS* service (Linux) but it are still not working.
What can I do?


Marcus Vin

A quailified guess is that your networkconfiguration has changed ?!

Try to check your hostfile to see if the
SAGXTSDShost entry point to something useful


Hello Finn,

there were no change in our network configuration. I have checked the hostfile and there’s a SAGXTSDSport entry that points to, exactly as it were since Tamino was installed. I have also checked the installation log file to confirm this. According to the log file, the SAGXTSDS port was set to 49731 ( = 256*194+67 = 49731).

The /etc/hosts file looks like: SAGXTSDSport camarao.dc.ufscar.br camarao

There’s no explicit SAGXTSDShost, but I think it’s the line following the SAGXTSDSport, that points to ‘camarao’, isn’t it?

Last week we installed two more HD into the RAID configured at the same server Tamino is installed. I don’t think it could affect anyway the Tamino. But… I’m not sure about it.

Have you any guess?

Thanks anyway.

Marcus Vin