SQL thread 0 has exited ...

Starting a Db in tamino i get the following error:

SQL thread 0 has exited due to communication error -88 (XTS0088E: XTS No CONNECT or LISTEN has been issued)

Component SQL called at extension point SRVSTART returned response -1


Can you please tell us how you are starting your database (by hand using Tamino Manager, autostart on reboot, argbatch)? Does the problem happen every time you try to start a particular database or not ? Can you start other databases (if you have them) ?


With regards to the XTS0088E error : that sounds like the “Software AG XTS DirectoryServer” is either not running or there is no SAGXTSDSHost entry in the host file and the XTS directory service cannot be contacted.

to bill:
i get it uper Tamino server, but now all works and i didn’t understand what was wrong!!

to stuart:
i have that entry in hosts file