I just can't start a my DB - NEW GUY NEEDS HELP

All, Hi. I am new to Tamino and I am trying to us the Tamino / XMLSPY bundle version which I believe is jsut limited in size and cpu number. I had installed the Started Kit before purchasing the bundle version. I did uninstall the Starter Kit including any Registry entries I could find before installing my bundle version.

All seven services start and are started when I log into the Manager. When I try and start the Welcome_4_1_4 database I get the below errors.
I setup the XTS as per the documention but I don’t know if I am doing it wrong???

Starting database ‘welcome_4_1_4’ INOAAI0574 2004-12-07 13:44:11
Tamino server on Windows INODSA1002 2004-12-07 13:44:12
Default tokenizer ‘white space-separated’
INOXHI8265 2004-12-07 13:44:12
The Tamino Server that is provided with the Tamino Developer Edition may be used for test purposes only. For production purposes, you must use the Tamino Server that is included in the Tamino Server Edition.

INODSI1456 2004-12-07 13:44:13
Failed to create XTS directory service entries: XTS1061E: TCP/IP Connection refused

INODSE5271 2004-12-07 13:44:18
Terminated with errors INODSF1436 2004-12-07 13:44:21
Start of database ‘welcome_4_1_4’ failed INOAAE0474 2004-12-07 13:44:21

HELP — I would really like to get this working

Best Regards,
Scott Calkins
Owego New York

Hello Scott,

Could be a XTS-configuration problem.
Please contact your Software AG Support Center and ask them for providing technical case description 227903.

Thanks and best regards,



This could be the license key also. Check expiration date.

Regards, Ito