Can't Start Database

Hi all,

i have installed Tamino 8.0 on an WinXP with XAMPP 1.7.3 with Apache 2.2. After that, i tried to create a new database. I can create the db but i can’t start it. When i start it i become the following errors (3 Error, 1 Fatal Error):

Coult not load library inoxml.dll for extenstion point SRVINIT_1, version 8.0, component XML (Message ID: INODSE2110)

Received response 75 (7) while loading function(s) for extension point SRVINIT_1 (Message ID: INODSF1282)

Server died during startup (Message ID: INODSE2274)

Start of database ‘Databasename’ failed (Message ID: INOAAE0474)

What could be the problem?


The current installer from Software AG contains a bug. During the installation the file msvcp71.dll is not copied correctly.
You have to do it manually:
1.8.1 Copy the file msvcp71.dll from the location C:\SoftwareAG\Tamino\v80\INSTALL into the folder C:\SoftwareAG\Tamino\v80\bin