Can't start database I just created.

Seems like a configuration problem but not sure.

I was able to create a database, using Tamino’s default settings. However, when I try to start the dbase, the operation fails!!

Below is a list of messages from the Job Monitor. Sorry about the bad format.

Any ideas?


Severity Message MessageID Date/Time
Starting database ‘mydb’ INOAAI0574 2003-02-10 11:07:35
Tamino server on Windows NT INODSA1002 2003-02-10 11:07:36
Only 3 concurrent XML sessions licensed. INOXHW8232 2003-02-10 11:07:37
The Tamino Server that is provided with the Tamino Developer Edition may be used for test purposes only. For production purposes, you must use the Tamino Server that is included in the Tamino Server Edition INODSI1456 2003-02-10 11:07:44
Failed to create XTS directory service entries: XTS0062E: XTS Timeout error INODSE5271 2003-02-10 11:11:11
Terminated with errors INODSF1436 2003-02-10 11:11:14
Start of database ‘mydb’ failed INOAAE0474 2003-02-10 11:11:14

Looks similar to Jason’s problem > here <.

Try adding an entry like this to your hosts file (windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) localhost SAGXTSDShost