Database Creation in Tamino

I downloaded and launched Tamino in my Windows 2000 machine today (10/10/2001). I have been trying to create a database but not being able to.

I get errors and the following messages:

>Could not add XTS entry for database >xapplication on “computername.domain” with port >3206
–> MessageID = INOAAE0172

and then

>fail - query registry key >HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Software >AG\Tamino\servers\xapplication\ID
–> MessageID = INOAAE0753

Could someone please let me know what I’m doing wrong or what I need to do?

Also, I’m trying to reach the customer support of Software AG but the link I’m clicking into asks for user name and password. I’m not sure where to register for that. Could you please let me know that too?

Thank you in advance,
Syed Husain

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a solution to your ‘create database’ problem, but have you looked through some of the older posts in this forum? Perhaps someone has had the same question and has been given an answer or solution. Check both the XML Starter Kit and Tamino XML Server forums.

You said you had downloaded the software. That means you are probably using the ‘XML Starter Kit’. If that is the case, there is no point contacting Software AG support. Only customers who have purchased the product and pay maintenance fees are able to be assisted by the Customer Support team, which makes sense to me!

If you need assistance, these forums are the best place to go!

Don’t forget the check the older posts. I seem to recall seeing your problem mentioned once before somewhere!

Kind regards

Hello Dave!

Thanks for your response!


Hi all,

Just a quick bit of info for Australian users of the XMLSTARTERKIT:
Software AG Australia Technical Support does actually support Starterkit problems, for those people in Oz and NZ that have downloaded the product.

Daniel Trotter
Software AG Technical Support Australia