does tamino 4.4 has versioning outside the WebDAV context?


That is, what is a put a document in a collection via X-Plorer and make a VERSION-CONTROL request on it?

In general, what’s the difference between putting in documents through WebDAV and X-Plorer or Tamino Interactive Interface? Why documents stored with X-Plorer or TII do not appear automatically in the WebDAV view?

posted on behalf of Kay:

Tamino 4.4 provides the ability to define on the schema
level for a collection/doctype versioning support. This requires
to you to provide at least a secondary collection with the
same name as your target collection, prefixed by a ‘v.’.
For more detailed information, please look into the documentation.

X-Plorer: the X-Plorer supports a view on the data stored in the
webDav collection (‘ino:dav’) - provided you switch the “hide system collections” option off

Last Topic:
There is no bidirectional view on your data, so you cannot see all documents
stored via Tamino’s non-WebDAV interfaces in the WebDav scope, as it makes no sense
to look at a database, where you have stored 1 mio records and show them
grouped into one directory. So the design idea behind a webdav on a database is
to provide additional, independend properties to your data, which displays
them hierachically sorted, in an storage independend manner.

Currently the only way to attache these properties to the data, is to store them
by the webDav way - under a dedicated url. For later versions of Tamino, on
request and if required, there might be an XQuery update capability to
assigne these properties as well to Tamino ‘only’ data.