Tamino 4.4 WebDAV automatic-versioning

Regarding the autoversioning capability of Tamino 4.4 through WebDAV:
I wish it would be possible to set the automatic version mode at the level of a WebDAV folder, so that every new files inserted by an end user is automatically versioned in that folder.

Questions :?:

  • do you confirm it is not possible (yet) to force autoversioning for new files in a folder?

  • is this a feature then considered for another release?


NB We are speaking here about a 100% Tamino-based WebDAV application, where relying on custom developments / intermediar layers when dealing with WebDAV features is not an option we want to consider. [/b]

[i]This was first posted on Tamino technical list
but I am not sure there is still activity there.[/url]

Hello Philippe,

with Tamino 4.4 it is possible to activate auto-version-control on WebDAV folder level. This will lead to a new version being automatically created for each modifying operation on the resources.

To activate this, you will need to send a PROPPATCH request to the specific folder with the following request body:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<D:propertyupdate xmlns:D="DAV:">
      <ino:auto-version-control xmlns:ino="http://namespaces.softwareag.com/tamino/response2">checkout-checkin</ino:auto-version-control>

Instead of “checkout-checkin” you can also set one of the other three auto-version modes.

This is documented in the Tamino documentation under “Tamino WebDAV” >> “Properties” >> “Special Tamino Properties”.


Thanks, now it works fine indeed. 8=)

Question: DeltaV speaks about an “auto-version” property but you referred to a “auto-version-control” one. Is it a feature specific to Tamino :?:

Ref: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3253.txt

Hello Philippe,

you need to differentiate between auto-version and auto-version-control. Once a resource is put under version-control using the “VERSION-CONTROL” method, you can then set the auto-version propterty as specified in the WebDAV versioning specification (RFC3257). However you asked for a way of setting up a collection, so that all resources in that collection are automatically put under version control.

So Tamino does support the standardized way of putting a resource under auto-version control, but we also support a proprietary way of setting a whole collection under auto-version control, thereby putting each document stored to that collection under version-control and then also automatically setting the auto-version option on that resouce.