Word as XML in webDAV


is there a way to store a Word2003 document as XML in the webDAV Server without converting it from the binary format into the xml format?

The input format is the standard binary doc but i need the full acess to the content.

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this should be possible using the Tamino NonXML Indexer. Just assign the WebDAV folder to a Tamino collection and define the nonXML indexing there



And how can I create a WebDav folder a assign it (WindowsXP)?

I found nothing about that in the documentation or the tutorials!

The documentation says:

Access from WebDAV to Tamino
All objects in the WebDAV context are stored in the default WebDAV collection as non-XML. This provides a maximum of compliancy with the WebDAV standard, i.e. without a Tamino specific handling of XML documents.

However, this default behaviour can be changed:

A WebDAV directory’s default storage location can be changed using a PROPPATCH with the property :. A newly created resource (PUT, COPY) thus will inherit the Tamino collection property and will be stored to the specified Tamino collection. This applies only to newly stored objects.

We need to do the same, and we have followed the same steps, I mean:

1)We defined a new Schema named “NOXMLAuxiliar” inside the collection “auxiliar”, and inside this schema we defined one doctype named “noXML”, at doctype level we assigned the xtensions “SXSBlobIndexer.putBinary” and “SXSBlobIndexer.putText” to the Physical properties “XTension.onBinaryInsert” and “XTension.onTextInsert”
Next to the “noXML” doctype we have created an “Element Simple” element in the schema named “noXML” (as the doctype) and defined its type as “no type” (instead of “xs:string”)

2)We created a new folder (named MyNonXMLFolder) in the webdav default repository (located at the URL: http://localhost/tamino/test44/ino:dav/ino:dav/

3)With WebDavpilot v 0.3.3 (the eclipse plugin) we modified the tamino special property “http://namespaces.softwareag.com/tamino/response2:collection” (included namespace) with the value “auxiliar” (the previosly generated collection at step 1)

4)we connected to the webdav “main” folder with the Windows Explorer as a client tool. We tried to insert a new MsWord document and received an error message.

We tried to create the schema without the xtension installed (and without the Simple element named “noXML” )and we suffered the same problem. (we cannot insert the word document).

Hello all.

For WebDAV folders it is possible to set two properties to control where the data ist stored in Tamino. The property “collection” will define the target Tamino collection. Besides that there is also a property by the name “non-xml-doctype” which is also in the namespace “http://namespaces.softwareag.com/tamino/response2” and this property controls into which doctype the non-XML data is to be stored. If this property is not set, the non-XML data will be stored into the doctype ino:nonXML by default.

Please also make sure that you got the most recent update package and hotfixes of Tamino 4.4 when working with WebDAV and the non-XML-indexer, as there have been some fixes in that area recently.